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"Smalco" was established in 1992 and is nowadays the leading lard manufacturer in Poland.
Each month we process more than 1000 tons of animal fat in our three plants. We export a substantial part of our production.

At present, our team has 100 employees.

In addition to lard, the production profile of our company also includes melted fatty products for technical uses (mainly for manufacturing bio-fuels), beef tallow, and fatty preparations used for animal feeds.

Another branch of our production includes modified fats and chemical derivatives of fat (oleochemicals) used in many industries.

We have three production plants.
Our head office and main factory is situated in Goczałkowice-Zdrój, in southern Poland.
We have built our second factory in Gostyń in the Wielkopolska province.
In 2010 we took over shares and we extended our third factory in Trinec in the Czech Republic where we produce technical fats and oleochemicals.

"Smalco" focuses on modern production lines of well-known manufacturers: lines for melting and refining fats: ALFA-LAVAL, SHARPLES, WESTFALIA, GEA, DESMET BALLESTRA and automatic packing machines by BENHIL, TREPKO


"Smalco" receives fatty raw materials from more than 100 best meat processing companies from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Germany.

Our transport fleet has more than 20 new trucks. Most of them are equipped with cooling units and loading lifts.

Our products are distributed from our central warehouse located in Goczałkowice-Zdrój and from storing warehouses in Cracow, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and Gostyń.


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"SMALCO" Company-M. Jarosz
Stawowa 14 St.
43-230 Goczałkowice - Zdrój
tel. +48 (32) 2107065, 2107307 | kom. 600 870 477 | fax : +48 (32) 2107574 | E-mail : smalco@smalco

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